End Homelessness NOW!

I have personal dreams.  I dream of an end to homelessness.  Putting an end to my sadness for all the people I tried to help as a social worker, many are out on the streets today. The move to get people out of locked psychiatric wards failed many people.  Specifically the people who have psychosis and delusions you see lying on the side of the streets today.   


To all the families and social workers who help people who suffer from mental and physical illnesses, whose only tool to repair homelessness is a housing voucher and 5 year waiting list, or a monthly thousand dollar check when rents cost a thousand dollars;  I ask you… 


If that monthly check were two thousand dollars, wouldn’t we start to see homelessness go away?  If people with physical and psychiatric disabilities were able to pay the rent landlords require, wouldn’t the suffering while being on a waiting list for a housing voucher go away?

Without stable housing, the fight to treat mental illness, addiction and other disabilities through community based wrap-around programs is an impossible task.  With permanent and stable  housing, the treatments and programs in place will continue to ignite but the changes they create will no longer be destroyed by the cycle of homelessness.