Public Transit is the vision of a sustainable future

The race to switch over to electric cars started 30 years ago.  The American automobile makers did not rise to the occasion.   I think what they are doing is too little, too late.  

We need to transition to a nationwide network of electric trains, trams and busses.  Electric cars are distractions that are the last attempt to sell you a car.  The sensationalism of electric cars is in many ways delaying the commitment to a transportation system that can keep us healthy.  Instead of scorching the earth and taking people’s money.

The US is really good at making billionaires.  By forcing the shut down of the oil and gas industry, we should not have to fear that our economy won't be strong.  The rich will figure out a way to profit off of solar panels. It is capitalism; it is what we do best.

Our Global Warming timeliness helps us rationalize our procrastination.  This only lets the problem get worse.  Ultimately letting corporations continue to steal the resources of this earth that our children should rightfully inherit.