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     Podcast interview with Candidate Henk Conn (9/27/2021)  Long Live Alternative Parties by Free Press Media Press Inc.


"Long Beach Mayor Robert Garcia, however, insisted the rent increase was only happening because of Long Beach’s low vacancy rate.

“The housing shortage is driving up the cost of housing,” he said in an email to 22 West Magazine."

"However, his campaign opponent, James Henry “Henk” Conn, attributed the housing shortage to four external causes, such as “impersonal” developers with no emotional investment in their tenant and tenants’ inability to contribute to local revenue after using the majority of their paycheck for rent. He also attributes it to the expansion of the Queen Mary and Aquarium of the Pacific and trickle-down housing economics, the belief that moving tenants into new housing will make other housing more affordable."

“We have been in a shortage of housing in Los Angeles county for decades,” Conn said. “We have been focused on developing expensive housing and vouchered housing.”


"Conn does have other issues: A former social worker, he believes he can solve the homeless problem;  he has solutions for parking that include providing free travel on Long Beach Transit buses on weekends and making use of city-owned parking lots on Saturday and Sunday;  he supports Long Beach Community Hospital and would like to see the hospital’s campus used for a medical training facility for students at Long Beach City College and Cal State Long Beach; and he would like to make Long Beach a no-kill city when it comes to animals.  “We have great advocacy groups and foster care systems.  I think Long Beach loves its animals and we need to do everything we can to end the euthanasia programs to adoptable animals.”

"Is the dearth of people seeking office a result of voters’ satisfaction with the status quo or the longtime Achilles heel of democracy, voter apathy?"

"Neither, according to James “Henk” Conn, Garcia’s sole opponent and the walking definition of a dark-horse candidate. “I’ll be brutally honest,” says Conn.

“There are a lot of big plans and investments being made in the city, and the leaders don’t want any interruption in their plans and their vision for the future of Long Beach.”

     Long Beach mayoral challenger Conn finds no traction on campaign trail  by Tim Grobaty

"That's… actually some pretty good geek cred right there. Clearly, the choice of who should be the mayor of Long Beach isn't as cut and dry as we assumed it would be, when based purely upon comics and comics-adjacent issues."

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