Residents of California I ask for your vote.

We have two political parties. One party fights the good fight and the other causes everything that goes wrong.  We spend our days watching politicians sort out who is the good guy.  But ultimately, both political parties are bringing us to the same end.

The Green Party is not watered down by corporate greed.  Isn’t it insulting that billionaires, people most of us have never met, steal from us with the help of those whom we elect?  This is a reminder, that we should not mistake greedy agendas for loyalty or trust.  

I believe the “American Dream” is that our hard work and sacrifice will be rewarded.  

But, how many people sacrifice in wages that don’t meet their needs and are falling short to provide and protect the ones they love?  How many live in a world that is corrupt or poisoned?  And how many people are penniless when they are called to return above?

We must save the world’s ecosystem AND end the injustices of race, poverty and disease.  Because we are part of that ecosystem.  I believe we can end the destruction of the earth and we must work together to repair what we have broken.

Please vote for me.

James Henry Conn for United States Congress 2022

I support a Minimum Wage of 25$ per hour, doubling SSI and SSDI, Medicare for all, abolishing student debt, and Black Lives Matter.