30 Years of the Green Party

Henk's environmental activism began at a young age. In 1989, Henk organized a protest to ban styrofoam cups at Cypress College and across the Orange County Community College system.  He wrote opinion articles on the harmful effects of chlorofluorocarbons and collected signatures from the student body.While he was met with hostile DART sales representatives and was confronted a reluctant college administration, Henk's environmental and political interests stayed with him his whole life. 

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Later in his life, Henk's political interests were the topic of much of his work as video editor and film maker.

In 2011 the Occupy Wall Street movement came to Los Angeles.  He was interested in filming a political movement.  He went to downtown Los Angeles from day 1 to day 59.  He captured over 40 hours of video and spent 6 months editing it into a short documentary film.

The documentary was accepted and presented at the Manifesto Film Festival in Amsterdam, Netherlands in 2018.

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